Natural Home Remedies to Help You Sleep

People used to work long hours without breaks or extended lunch breaks. At the end of the day, they were exhausted, and most of them fell into a deep sleep. But insomnia is nothing new in today’s hectic world. Old sleeping aids have been passed down from generation to generation.

While researchers worked on the problems, new natural methods for sleep were developed. In this article, we will look at natural home remedies to help you drift off to sleep, and you can try some of the old and some of the new ones.


Aromatherapy is an old practice, and English lavender oil is an ancient therapy that has worked for many people. There are several ways you can use lavender as a sleeping aid. Taking a warm bath before going to bed is relaxing in itself. However, if you add a few drops of English lavender to your bath water, you increase the likelihood that you will have a very deep sleep. Also, try to add some relaxing classical music in the background while you soak. Inhaling English lavender while you sleep is a method that many people use. You can buy small bags of lavender. These sachets fit under your pillow and release the scent during the night.







Valerian is a herb that you may want to try as a sleeping aid. It makes a delicious tea when brewed, and a nice warm cup before bedtime may be just what you need. It has been shown to not only calm the mind but also work for some people who also have mild anxiety that interrupts their sleep. If drinking a cup of tea before bedtime causes you to urinate frequently at night, you can buy valerian in capsule form.






Camomile comes from a flower and has been used for centuries as a means of reducing stress, relaxing and falling asleep. As with valerian, if you drink it just before going to bed, you may have to get up more than once in the night to go to the bathroom.

Everyone is different, and some people have a bladder that is not affected by a cup of tea before bedtime. If you try both Valerian and Camomile as tea and find that you have a problem with the bathroom, try changing the times when you drink the tea. Drink one cup, an hour or two before bedtime. You may find that you are still relaxed enough after you have had a cup of tea and go to bed an hour later.




Melatonin is a natural chemical that is produced in the brain and is the key to getting you to sleep through the different stages of sleep. If your melatonin production is switched off, you will find that it can be challenging to fall asleep. You can try using melatonin capsules to increase the amount of this natural chemical in your body. There are different sleep and wake-up cycles that people go through. Melatonin works to strengthen these cycles and regulate your general functions such as digestion and metabolism. If one part of the body’s natural cycle fails, it can cause other problems in the body. This is something that shift workers often experience.




Yoga and Meditation

With the natural methods we have discussed, it is also essential to add other sleep-inducing factors. To get the best overall natural sleep, learn how to do basic yoga. There are yoga postures that are specific to sleep management, and you could do them in the evening before bedtime.

Also, consider how you can learn meditation to calm your mind. A busy mind is a mind that will be difficult to calm if your head bumps against the pillow, so try to do yoga or meditation before you slip under the blanket.